Microsoft’s vision for the multi-cloud future

While its new offerings are compelling, it may be equally as relevant that Microsoft is clearly creating a culture that embraces partnership and open development, and one that even extends to competitors.

We are seeing it from all sides now. From the usual suspects in OEM to HCI to virtualization to public cloud, everyone is out to address the growing demand to shift legacy IT workloads to agile, cloud native, consumption-based, hybrid-friendly, modernized IT environments. A mouthful perhaps, but that doesn’t make it any less true. We have entered a multi-cloud world, and the competition is going to be abundant.

The question that’s top of mind for many is which company or companies will emerge as the market leader. This week at Ignite, Microsoft’s annual customer conference, the company made a number of announcements around its Azure Cloud. Based on those announcements and the company’s existing platform of services, I wanted to break down how I see Microsoft’s Azure strategy evolving and share what business and IT leaders need to be thinking about when they are looking at modernizing their IT to support the growing multi-cloud initiative.

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By Daniel Newman, Contributor, Network World | NOV 8, 2019 6:04 AM PST