Now Hiring Independent Sales Contractors!

It’s heart breaking to see how COVID-19, this pandemic AKA Coronavirus, is affecting people, the economy, the labor market, our lives…

I have a TV in my office with the news always on in the background. Updated numbers of filed applications for unemployment came in… I’m still trying to digest the numbers, actual ones, projected ones, it makes me sick to my stomach. It does not hit that far from home to be honest. I too had to make unwanted decisions in a catering business we own. If you hear someone from the hospitality industry say there is no business, trust me when I tell you (s)he is not speaking figuratively or in comparison to anything. There is simply none.

In January 1st 2020 we deployed Pampas Corporation’s ISC Program. Our goal was (and still is) to create a network of Independent Sales Contractors (ISCs) to represent and sell our small business oriented WordPress Websites & Social Media Solutions. Our solutions are designed and built for SMB Owners (local shops, non-profit organizations, athletic and/or neighborhood associations, real estate agents, solo law firms, record labels, musicians, etc) with constrained budgets that still need to let their community know about their products and services.

Also our goal was to grow organically, allowing our business to adjust smoothly to the increase in clients’ subscriptions. We’ve had 4 ISC’s join the team so far, world’s finest!, and new clients continue to become part of the family.

I am though as concerned as any other small business owner or entrepreneur about the lack of certainty and how all this will play out. I am a small business as well. But the idea of going down (if that’s where we are all going) without a fight is not one that I’m willing to entertain.

Today I made the decision to go ahead and accelerate the hiring of new ISCs, focusing on those States most affected by this crisis: CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, NY, OH, TX, WA. Needless to say, I will interview anybody that has lost his/her job and needs a way to make money, regardless of State or experience.

So much for business plans… The hell with them! I just don’t know in which other way to help if not by paying for business someone brings to our organization. I’m in no position to help those most in need, directly infected by the virus, so I’m doing what I can from my business.

I can’t offer a salary or benefits. ISCs are 100% commission based, 1099 positions. But I can offer a very profitable source of income if you can sell services and products on your own.

Maybe you can go back to your old job once this madness is over and normalcy is restored, and that’s completely fine with me, no hard feelings. Maybe this crisis brings you the opportunity to build a business full time and never look back. I don’t know. Either way, if you want it, it’s yours.

If you think you can sell services and products, let us know. If you know of someone that may benefit from it, SHARE THIS POST.

Stay strong.

Here is the link to the job postings: