We help restaurateurs and Executive Chefs/Owners improve their bottom line. We can all agree with the importance of quality food for a successful restaurant businesses, but although the culinary proposition is the core element, all other components of the operation must fall into place to achieve success.


Let’s state the obvious: restaurants do not earn a great deal of profit on each sale, a 5 percent profit margin is considered successful in the industry. Because of the low profit margin, strategically managing costs is imperative to keeping a restaurant in business. We help minimize labor and food costs and maximize profit so our clients can enjoy margins above industry standards.


One of the most significant components of a restaurant business is Cash Flow. Ideally, ownership would have a great understanding of cash flow, the total cash amount going into the business versus the total cash amount coming out of the business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Realistically, the forte of most great restaurants are culinary and kitchen operations. We bring expertise to manage this common principal.


Successful restaurants employ managers and employees who perform at a high level and work to accomplish the restaurant’s goals. Restaurant employees who don’t care will inevitably lead to poor service, a lack of attention to detail and, eventually, decreased sales. We can develop employee retention programs as well as the right policies and procedures to ensure proper customer service and client satisfaction.


Deciding and upgrading the menu is the most fun part of a restaurant. Upgrading prices is a challenging part when you must see how much should be charged to make a reasonable profit and it should not be that expensive according to the market. We help our clients analyze different perspectives to make sure that they are doing something unique from others and people would be willing to pay for that upgraded menu and service.

In partnership with our sister company Pampas Healthcare, we also work with institutional healthcare providers in need of improving their food service operations. Having vast experience operating in-house services ourselves, we can collaborate with clients and help them navigate the challenges of this department. Food costs, labor cost, employee management, GPOs, contract negotiations… It all matters when it’s time to hit the budgeted PPDs.