Designed for law firms looking to grow their local business portfolio.

We focus on what works for you and your firm, and we do it comprehensively so you can focus on your cases. Small and medium size law firms benefit from local business, either serving residents around a reasonable radius from their office, county or statewide. The more specialized the legal services being provided, the more important it is to understand the local audience looking for such services.

Platforms such as FindLaw, LawyerMarketing, SuperLawyers and others have become a “marketplace” type of destination, ad revenue and add-on features driven. Their business model is no different to a restaurant or catering marketplace platform that you’d go to looking for food or service for your next corporate event. You’ll find that their first and second pages (even after a localized search) are all advertised or sponsored firms, in other words, law firms paying a lot of money to fight for a better position in their feed.

These platforms, which in many cases are owned by the same company, claim to have mastered SEO, reach and exposure through search engines… Well, that might be true for when you google your own name! But who’s looking for your services by your name? If that was the case, clients would go straight to your website or give you a call directly, right? On a true legal service related search, search engines will show FindLaw’s or SuperLawers’ results with the same firms that are already paying to rank better within their platforms.

Is that how you want to spend your time and money? Trying to rank better in a marketplace flooded with competitors? We connect your business and website with your social media, Google My Business and any other local channel so your firm can really talk to an audience looking for your services. We want prospective clients to find you and to call your office. Simple as that. See pricing

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