Ready to take your business online?

Designed for small businesses with online store and marketplace sales.

We can help you do it comprehensively and fully managed, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, other than shipping your orders, of course!

Online Retail Management services are designed with you, your store and your products in mind. Our goal is to simply make your business one without frontiers.

Our EECOM Plan includes a fully deployed WooCommerce platform to manage your online store. When we do your Online Retail Management, everything is taken care of. From technical stuff – server setup, security, backups and performance optimization – to social media and marketplaces integration. We also connect your online store with accounting and payment software such as QuickBooks and Square to simplify your operations.

Starting up your eCommerce can be expensive, time consuming and fixed costs can pile up quickly. Our EECOM Plan does not have any monthly fixed costs or expenses. We believe that our goals should be 100% aligned with yours and that we should make money when you make money. You have the product. We have the manpower. See pricing

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